Tennessee Do Not Call

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The Tennessee Do Not Call Telephone Sales Solicitation law T.C.A. Section 65-4-401 et seq., directs the Tennessee Regulatory Authority to promulgate regulations and to compile and maintain a Do Not Call register. The register consists of TN residential telephone subscribers who have elected not to receive telephone solicitations. Business telephone numbers may not be included on the list.

The law prohibits those attempting to sell consumer goods and services by telephone from calling telephone numbers that appear on the Do Not Call Register. However, there are some exemptions.

Telephone solicitors may still call in response to an express invitation or permission by the person being called.
Solicitors may call on behalf of a not-for-profit organization if the call is made by a member of the specific not-for-profit organization.
Soliciting is allowed if the person or entity making the telephone call has had a business relationship with the person being called within the previous twelve (12) months.
Solicitation is permitted if the business calling does not sell or engage in telephone solicitation and does not make more than three (3) calls in any one calendar week.

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